Oh, for the love of denim 

I have always had a love affair with denim. Ever since I was a teenager in the 60’s and 70’s. 
To me, you can never have too much denim. Jeans, shirts, even handbags. They can feel lush and truly the comfiest garment that anyone can own.  I have always said “be true to your blues.” The more you wear them, the better they get. Ya know, the rip in the jeans, a hole in the knee. If you ever had a favorite pair, you know what I mean. 
However, there are times when you would really like a new pair that needs a little “chuuzz.” Everyone knows what a little “chuuzz” is right? It is a little personal touch that makes your denim your own. You can do fringing, bleaching, cutting, or fraying. 
Sew here is a little DIY on how to fringe and fray a pair of jeans. 
  •  A good sharp scissor that cuts denim and heavier fabrics 
  • Pencil or chalk 
  • Ruler – preferably a clear one 
  • Large safety pins, you will probably need a few (which I forgot to enclose in my pic of supplies) 
  • Pair of jeans
nancy-sinoway-diy-how-to-fringe-denim step1
Mark your hem with chalk straight across and cut evenly on your jeans to desired length.  Leave an additional ½” to allow for fringing/fray. (and of course, I got fancy and did a curve at the side ankle, but a straight hem is fine.)  If you have a sewing machine you can do a stitch line ½” to 5/8” up from the bottom. This adds a little more detail and helps make them official looking. Do not worry whether the stitching or the fringe is perfect.  It is your first project.  As you can see my stitching is not perfect.  But sew what? I love the result. 
Now you are ready to fringe.  Pick at the threads with the safety pin gently. Go slow.  Rushing breaks the threads and eliminates some of the fringe. It is time consuming, but a perfect project for in front of the TV, watching your favorite streaming series. If you ask yourself is this enough, do a bit more. It takes time, but the result looks like any of the jeans you see in the department stores or your favorite boutiques. 
Once the threads have been picked with the safety pin to your liking, put your jeans in the washer. When finished washing you can put in the dryer.  It is all part of the fraying process. Once dried remove from dryer and cut any additional frayed threads that look unruly. Finish with a hot iron. 
Good luck. I am sure you will do amazing. 
Most importantly stay well, wash your hands, and wear a mask. 
With love, 
PS – I had a lot of fun making this how to video and blog. Look for more coming soon! How much fun? Check out my blooper reel…