New Bridal Collection Sneak Peek: Justice of the Peace

New Bridal Collection Sneak Peek: Justice of the Peace

With 2020 behind us, most industries in the special occasion market were brought to their knees.  No Weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, Communions even Proms were CANCELLED.  Frankly at this point we are all sitting back and waiting to see what and when will we see these celebrations again…..

However, it doesn’t mean we can’t dream, be creative, plan or lose hope….

Sew on a freezin’ dreary day here in New York in December, we planned a photo shoot Covid style.  We all wore masks, except for the Model (our beautiful Natalie) and did the shoot in my garage. No studio, no real lighting, no heat….but we did just grand.

Was it ideal? Not really. Was it inspirational? You betcha. But most importantly it was hopeful…. Hopeful for a better future. Hopeful for new parties, new mitzvahs and new celebrations.

Sew for now, this is a creative peek into our new Collection of styles called our “Justice of the Peace.


It’s a start.  There is love in the air and Brides are not giving up on that….and to me that is HOPE!

Stay well everyone

With love,



How to Fringe Jeans

How to Fringe Jeans

Oh, for the love of denim 

I have always had a love affair with denim. Ever since I was a teenager in the 60’s and 70’s. 
To me, you can never have too much denim. Jeans, shirts, even handbags. They can feel lush and truly the comfiest garment that anyone can own.  I have always said “be true to your blues.” The more you wear them, the better they get. Ya know, the rip in the jeans, a hole in the knee. If you ever had a favorite pair, you know what I mean. 
However, there are times when you would really like a new pair that needs a little “chuuzz.” Everyone knows what a little “chuuzz” is right? It is a little personal touch that makes your denim your own. You can do fringing, bleaching, cutting, or fraying. 
Sew here is a little DIY on how to fringe and fray a pair of jeans. 
  •  A good sharp scissor that cuts denim and heavier fabrics 
  • Pencil or chalk 
  • Ruler – preferably a clear one 
  • Large safety pins, you will probably need a few (which I forgot to enclose in my pic of supplies) 
  • Pair of jeans
nancy-sinoway-diy-how-to-fringe-denim step1
Mark your hem with chalk straight across and cut evenly on your jeans to desired length.  Leave an additional ½” to allow for fringing/fray. (and of course, I got fancy and did a curve at the side ankle, but a straight hem is fine.)  If you have a sewing machine you can do a stitch line ½” to 5/8” up from the bottom. This adds a little more detail and helps make them official looking. Do not worry whether the stitching or the fringe is perfect.  It is your first project.  As you can see my stitching is not perfect.  But sew what? I love the result. 
Now you are ready to fringe.  Pick at the threads with the safety pin gently. Go slow.  Rushing breaks the threads and eliminates some of the fringe. It is time consuming, but a perfect project for in front of the TV, watching your favorite streaming series. If you ask yourself is this enough, do a bit more. It takes time, but the result looks like any of the jeans you see in the department stores or your favorite boutiques. 
Once the threads have been picked with the safety pin to your liking, put your jeans in the washer. When finished washing you can put in the dryer.  It is all part of the fraying process. Once dried remove from dryer and cut any additional frayed threads that look unruly. Finish with a hot iron. 
Good luck. I am sure you will do amazing. 
Most importantly stay well, wash your hands, and wear a mask. 
With love, 
PS – I had a lot of fun making this how to video and blog. Look for more coming soon! How much fun? Check out my blooper reel…
Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

OCTOBER is #PINK Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is an important cause and one that I hold near and dear to my heart. The dress is my tribute to all the brave women out there who have persevered.



This year, a percentage of the proceeds from my new PINK masks are going to be donated to Manhasset Coalition Against Breast CancerThey are an all-volunteer, charitable organization founded to unite the women of Manhasset, Long Island in the fight against breast cancer, and I am proud to support them.
Please donate, please shop local and please buy our masks! And don’t forget  your annual check-up. It’s all part of self-love.
Custom Dresses For The Whole Family

Custom Dresses For The Whole Family

It was a very special occasion for our Nancy Sinoway design family.  Gail, my queen label maker, had a big event – her daughter Katie’s Bat Mitzvah. It was my absolute pleasure to  make Katie’s service dress and party dress for the incredibly special day. To ensure no one felt left out, I also designed one-of-a-kind custom dresses for Gail and her other two daughters, Lauren and Jillian.  Whew!

mood-gold-fabric-swatch-nancy-sinowayThe process started in early October when Gail and I went into the city to look for fabrics for several of my clients.  While we were walking through Mood Fabrics in the heart of the garment district in New York City, we passed by bolts of fabrics with sequins, beading and embroidery.  We came across this amazing black and yellow 50’s inspired velvet sequin fabric that I knew could be a stunning dress.  Gail paused and gave me an incredulous look but I knew right away that this would be perfect for her.  After walking around the different departments at Mood and looking at other fabrics that now dimmed in comparison, we agreed that we had something extraordinary to work with.  We also found a beautiful bodice fabric in metallic gold that I knew would be a great starting point for Katie’s dress.  We coordinated it with an unusual metallic mesh cage gold skirt fabric and hit the jackpot with a sparkly beaded trim that I knew would tie it all together.   With Katie’s golden hair and fair skin, this was going to be a dress to die for.

Typically, at our initial appointment we meet with the Bat Mitzvah girl at the shop. We walk her through our process.  She tries on different samples of dresses and skirts to determine what style she likes.  With Katie and Gail we picked the fabric first because it called out to us.  It was bershert!!  Katie came in the next week and tried on all the samples at the shop.  Katie is a beautiful girl and she can wear anything she wants.  She wanted the dress to be long but she also wanted to twirl around like a princess.  I came up with fabulous idea that meet all her wishes. Viola!! We created a removable overskirt that she could wear in the beginning of the party during the cocktail hour and a twirly shorter skirt that she can reveal at the party.  We used the beading as straps to add a little bling and also so that she wasn’t pulling on her dress all night.  With the straps on she didn’t have to think about her dress at all. This is one of the best pieces of advice I can give all Bat Mitzvah girls.  Straps! Straps! Straps!


Besides it being a personal affair, the beauty of designing for Gail and her girls was that they completely trusted the creative process.  I knew what style and shape would be perfect for each of them individually.  Lauren, her older sister wanted to be chic and comfortable.  Jillian had one request.  She wanted her dress to be puffy and she requested bows.  She made my day. I think bows put the finishing touch on any dress.  Katie wanted the dress to be sophisticated and one-of-a-kind to mark her special day.


Doesn’t Katie look amazing? She is magazine cover ready in this photo, taken by Robert Salzbank of Rampage Studios, in a glamorous limo provided by Delux Transportation. I couldn’t have asked for a better way for this beautiful dress to be immortalized.

So all in all, my girls were happy.  The family all together looked great – and beautiful memories were made. Gail loved her dress so much, she even wore it to work the next day. Now that’s what i call a satisfied customer!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness is an issue near and dear to my heart and I strongly believe that if I can help even just one woman to remember to get checked then I have something to be proud of. Come on into the shop this month and get a free pen. And get checked! We are located at 334A Main St Port Washington, New York 11050.

Have a fabulous day… Nancy Sinoway