With 2020 behind us, most industries in the special occasion market were brought to their knees.  No Weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, Communions even Proms were CANCELLED.  Frankly at this point we are all sitting back and waiting to see what and when will we see these celebrations again…..

However, it doesn’t mean we can’t dream, be creative, plan or lose hope….

Sew on a freezin’ dreary day here in New York in December, we planned a photo shoot Covid style.  We all wore masks, except for the Model (our beautiful Natalie) and did the shoot in my garage. No studio, no real lighting, no heat….but we did just grand.

Was it ideal? Not really. Was it inspirational? You betcha. But most importantly it was hopeful…. Hopeful for a better future. Hopeful for new parties, new mitzvahs and new celebrations.

Sew for now, this is a creative peek into our new Collection of styles called our “Justice of the Peace.


It’s a start.  There is love in the air and Brides are not giving up on that….and to me that is HOPE!

Stay well everyone

With love,